It’s time to let the week go – we’ll do it together.

In deepest lockdown, most of us did very little in the way of hairstyling. Instead, we became familiar with hair masks and, I imagine, purchased Olaplex like it was going out of fashion. Slicked-back low-buns ruled the Zoom call and, to their credit, they did us a lot of good. 

However, that was then and this is now; post-lockdown life is all about doing the things that bring beauty and romance into our lives. And that includes doing the most, at all times. 

Grabbing a coffee, popping out for lunch, strolling around the park, or perusing a market all seem to necessitate a curated aesthetic. That Acne Scarf I can’t move two metres for seeing, curtain bangs – everywhere, and wraparound Matrix-esque sunglasses are the vibe for almost every casual occasion. And, while the thought of dressing specifically for these little social moments seems like a lot, I love that we’ve leaned back into revelling in the things we like. 

So, if you’ve stayed true to a slicked-back low-bun for a few months now, I offer eight-weekend hairstyles to try instead. 

Undone bun

A variation on a messy bun, this style waterfalls the hair, with pieces gently pulled out from the main height and soft tendrils framing the face. A variation on a messy bun, this style waterfalls the hair, with pieces gently pulled out from the main height and soft tendrils framing the face. 

Wide headband

A functional choice that also looks chic, a wide, soft, looped headband pulls the hair back creating a uniform border. Plus, it opens up the face and ears for a silver, gold, or pearl earring moment. 

Fluffy volume

Wonderfully ethereal, small voluminous waves add fluffy dimension to the head. Don’t shy away from natural frizz, either. It creates a lived-in vibe that’s ultra natural.

Claw clip

While claw clips are almost at market saturation, we’re not quite there yet. Make sure to leave curtain bangs and fringes out for chilled, weekend energy.


Top knots are back and I’m just as happy as you about it. Channel Lauryn Hill in Sister Act 2 and keep the gathered hair high on the crown of the head. Dress it down by pulling out small sections of hair around the face.

Faux fringe

Use a large claw clip or a number of small clips to twist and gather your hair atop your head. Then, play with the front section to create the illusion of a full fringe, curly or otherwise. Leaving the shorter layers free around your ears will make the style look even more natural

Rounded ends

Use a set of rollers, a curling iron, or a straightener to gently round the ends of your hair in towards your face. Curl a fringe towards your face in the centre and out to either side on the edges. This will stop it from looking like a barrel curl.


A protective style, thick plaits (read braids) with or without a beanie is a style I’ll never grow tired of. Run some hair oil through your ends to nourish as you pop out for coffee or brunch. 

Written by Morgan Fargo

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