No one needs to be further reminded about just how awful 2020 was and how the new year doesn’t feel much different — at least so far.

However, going into spring 2021, a new hairstyle is one way to break up the monotony, treat yourself to a bit a self-care, and reset for brighter days ahead. And whether you’re comfortable visiting your stylist at the salon or want ideas on how to style your hair at home, this season’s hair trends have you covered.

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For a complete breakdown on the season’s most popular haircuts and styles, we turned to the professionals, including Naeemah Lafond, amika global artistic director, David Lopez, celebrity hairstylist and T3 stylist ambassador, and Laura Polko, Nature Lab. Toyko celebrity hairstylist for their expert predictions.


From curtain bangs to colorful pixies, keep reading for the 8 haircuts and styles that will define spring 2021.

1. The Mullet


Forget every stereotype you associate with the mullet. The 2021 version of the cut is incredibly cool. “Mullets have taken on a less boxy and more feminine approach these days,” says LaFond. “The softer shape has made the notorious classic a more approachable trend that appeals to all textures.”

LaFond notes that the mullet can be adapted for a number of hair textures, from tightly-coiled curls to straight strands for an effortless vibe. “I use the amika Un.Done Volume and Matte Texture Spray for airiness and wispy pieces to further add to the easy feel of the look,” she adds.

2. Bangs, Bangs, and More Bangs

“More and more people are wanting to experiment with their hair without losing length, and fringe is a great first step,” says Lopez. From blunt to wispy, there are a number of bang styles to choose from, but Priyanka’s piece-y, textured fringe is a good gateway into the bangs lifestyle.

When you’re at the salon, Lopez suggests asking your stylist to soften the bangs so they grow out more naturally.

3. Curtain Bangs

Speaking of bangs, Polko predicts curtain bangs will continue to be popular this spring. “It’s just a nice face frame without a full blunt bang,” she says. “They’re popular because they’re not a full commitment since they can be tucked behind your ear without clipping off.”

When styling curtain bangs, Polko likes to run a mix of Nature Lab. Tokyo’s Perfect Repair Leave-in Treatment along with Perfect Volume Texture Mist through them when they’re damp, then blow dry straight with a round brush. “Shake down with your hands and let it part down the middle naturally,” she suggests.

4. The Bob

Long live the bob. The classic chin-length cut continues to be popular simply because it looks amazing across hair textures. “Blunt bobs and blunt ends are having quite the moment right now,” says LaFond. “They were trending before with the rise of the lob, but now not only is it cute, it’s super practical. The sharp edged cuts are helping manage the long stretches of time people are going without being able to see a professional stylist.”

The stylist suggests prepping hair with a heat protectant like amika’s Blockade Heat Defense Serum before heat styling to keep it healthy and strong.

5. Center Parts

According to Gen Z on TikTok, center parts are a symbol of “youth.” But let’s be real: how you part your hair is based on personal preference. However, the center part is trending because it’s a simple way to transform an existing haircut into an entirely new style. Lopez says it’ll give a new cut a fresh, easy look, too.

When blow-drying your hair, “use the concentrator on your dryer to gently smooth your center part into a head hugging look that feels right out of a fashion magazine,” Lopez recommends. “Finish with the T3 Lucea ID Flat Iron for extra shine and sleekness.”

6. Round and Textured

Your natural hair texture is always in style, but this spring is all about really showing off your curls and coils. “As natural hair takes the main stage, we’re seeing rounder, fuller shapes that really celebrate our hair’s natural texture and shape,” says Lopez.

For extra shine, Lopez likes finishing things off with a spritz of Kenra Professional Dry Oil Conditioning Mist.

7. Cropped and Colorful

“What’s more drastic than a shorter length and bold hair color?” asks Lopez. After seeing Demi Lovato’s pastel pink choppy pixie, you’d have to agree.

“For those ready to fully experiment this is a great time to take the creative plunge,” Lopez says. “Haircut maintenance will be key here so make sure to see your stylist as often as you can to keep up the shape.

8. The ’90s Flip

Many of us have been finding comfort in nostalgia to help get us through the pandemic. Along with bingeing ’90s TV shows like Sister, Sister and Moesha on Netflix, the decade’s beauty trends are making a comeback, too. Enter flipped ends.

“This is super simple to do with any heat tool, whether it be a blowdryer, curling iron or flatiron,” Polko shares. “It’s also a good way to hide dead ends, which is a reason I think people like it.” The stylist likes prepping hair with a shine-boosting mist like Nature Lab. Tokyo’s Perfect Shine Oil Mist so the ends are glossy and won’t separate before taking a hot tool to your hair.



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