As with skincare and makeup, sometimes we need to shake up our hair and adapt it as we get older.

As well as certain styles not being as flattering as they could be, our hair itself changes and it’s important we account for that.

The hair follicles spend less time in the active growth phase, making the hair strands shorter and thinner.

As well as this, the hair becomes less dense on the top of the head and the edges of the forehead, hairline, and temples. The hair also starts to produce less melanin, leading to greying.

Women’s decrease in estrogen and progesterone as they get older reduces the scalp’s sebum production, and as a result, the hair is drier and more fragile.

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Because of this, it’s important to use the right products for the hair and make sure that we make it look the best it can in flattering hair cuts and styles. Just because you’ve had long hair all your life doesn’t mean it still looks healthy as it’s drier and more prone to breakage.

Here’s our top tips to keep your locks looking luscious as you age.

Give your hair some texture with a good cut

Single-length haircuts can look sleek and classy, but they don’t create volume and movement quite like layers. Layered hair is the best option for anyone over 40, as they highlight your best facial features.

Bangs also make a huge difference – a full fringe or curtain bangs give your hair a new lease of life while also being incredibly flattering.

By Erica Carter
16:18, 30 MAR 2022

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