After you hit a certain age, beauty magazines and hairstylists start to tell you to cut your hair to a certain length. You’re expected to trade in your long curls, your playful up-dos, and chest-skimming locks in favor of more sensible styles. While plenty of women love how they look in a chic bob, that doesn’t mean others should feel pressured to follow the same short chop.

If you love having long hair but feel like it’s frowned upon, then you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of women who are 40+ that have refused to get trims and have kept their back-skimming hair. From gray, wiry hair that’s been plaited into braids, to natural hair done into dreadlocks, to loose and windblown locks, you will get plenty of inspiration.

Sometimes women cut their hair out of necessity. As menopause hits and hormones change, the texture of hair transforms. Tresses become courser, thinner, and drier, which means that a short cut is easier to manage. Not only that, but it looks healthier and fuller. But if you don’t feel like a short bob is necessary, then by all means, keep those long locks! Click ahead to see other women who subscribe to that same feeling — you will want to grow out your hair another couple of inches after this.


Loose Pigtail Braids

 Loose Pigtail Braids - Proof You're Not Too Old For Long Hair - Livingly

The Fashion Elder via Instagram

If you have the hair for it, have fun with youthful hairstyles! Go back to your hippie days and weave your locks into loose plaits. Just remember to take out some tendrils around your face to make it feel more grown up.

A Shoulder Braid

 A Shoulder Braid - Proof You're Not Too Old For Long Hair - Livingly

Lotte Broos via Instagram

Having long hair means you can experiment with a bevvy of different hairstyles. One of the easiest to master is a braid, and you can weave it using different techniques, creating different looks.

Long Hair With Blunt Bangs

 Long Hair With Blunt Bangs - Proof You're Not Too Old For Long Hair - Livingly

Sabine Reichel via Instagram

Compliment your long, loose locks with blunt, straight-across bangs. It’s a strong look, and will make you look very fashion forward.

Middle-Parted Locks

 Middle-Parted Locks - Proof You're Not Too Old For Long Hair - Livingly

Janis Lyn Johnson via Instagram

Sometimes simple is best. Part you hair down the middle, and let your blown-out hair sit loosely down your back.

Curls Thrown To The Side

 Curls Thrown To The Side - Proof You're Not Too Old For Long Hair - Livingly

The Fashion Nom via Instagram

To play with maximum volume, gather your curls and toss them to one side of your head with a deep side part. The resulting look is very flirty and playful.

Blown Back Hairstyle

 Blown Back Hairstyle - Proof You're Not Too Old For Long Hair - Livingly

Rita Schwarcz via Instagram

Take a round barrel brush and blow dry your hair back, creating a windswept look. Drying your hair back will also create more natural volume, since it raises your locks by the roots. This is especially a great idea for thinning hair.


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