Photo Hair Type: SYNTEX Monofiber Collection

Photo Hair Texture: Straight

Hair Length: 24 INCHES

Hair Weight: 100 Grams

  •  Hidden wire crown extensions without the lace
  • Add volume to the length in seconds when wearing down or in a ponytail
  • No clips, no glue, and no tape plus it’s harmless to your hair
  • Can apply heat to be worn curly or straight
  • Easy to apply and remove in seconds
  • Add highlights by going a shade darker or lighter

Washing Instructions:

  • Wash cold or warm water when not being worn
  • Add a dash of shampoo and wash gently
  • Do not brush when wet
  • Allow the hair to dry naturally
  • Style as desired when completely dry
Synthetic Hair

Looking for a change in your appearance?  We got “The Look you always wanted”. At Remake MyHair we created our own brand of synthetic hair called SYNTEX Monofiber Collection.  Our wig-making professionals use 100% of the highest quality synthetic hair.  It has a natural shine, like human hair.  It’s soft very natural looking and in terms of price, it’s budget-friendly.  SYNTEX Monofiber Collection, cannot be dyed however, the hair comes in various colors that can match any skin tone. We also manufacture various styles both long, short, curly, and straight for everyone.  Heat can be applied to the hair for various styles which will hold even in the humidity without any frizz.


Step 1

Place the hair extension where you would want it to before parting by placing the stealth wire on your head.

Step 2

Tighten the stealth once you have it where you want it

Step 3

Mark your part with a comb by splitting the hair over the top of the extension

Step 4

Place your hair over the extension

Step 5

Style as desired




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