Hair Type: 100% Indian Human Hair

Hair Texture: WATER WAVE

Hair Color: Natural Hair (It can be dyed)

Hair Weight: 2.5 grams per piece

Hair Pieces: 40 pieces per bundle

Remake MyHair provides you with “The Look You Always Wanted”. We give you an opportunity to change your look without having to harm your own hair.

  • The Tape-Ins blend naturally with your hair and are made of the highest quality hair, making them virtually undetectable.
  • Hair feels silky and soft with no tangling or shedding
  • Double adhesive tape with a hypoallergenic adhesive that lasts for a long time and can also be re-used
  • In order to achieve thickness and volume on a full head of hair, it is necessary to use 2-3 bundles, and if your hair is thin, you will need 3-4 bundles.
  • Natural color is dyeable and bleachable
  • Installing and removing it from your hair is easy
  • The best way to wash them is to use mild shampoo and conditioner.
Product price: $75.70
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Indian Human Hair

Chinese human hair is a type of hair that is sourced from Chinese hair donors. It is generally seen as being of a higher quality than other human hair types, such as Indian or Brazilian hair. It is often thicker, denser, and more lustrous than other types, making it a popular choice for extensions, wigs, and other types of hair enhancements. Additionally, it is usually free of any chemical processing, allowing it to retain its natural texture and colour. 


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