Hair Type: Syntex Monofiber Collection

Hair Texture:  Passion Twist

Photo Hair Color: Black

Quantity: 20 Strands Per Pack

Hair Length : 18 inches


Note: Each Purchase Includes 4 packs of Twist Braids


Syntex Monofiber Collection

Looking for a change in your appearance? We got “The Look you always wanted”. We created our synthetic hair brand, SYNTEX Monofiber Collection, at Remake MyHair. The synthetic hair we use is the highest quality. The hair has a natural shine, similar to human hair. It’s soft and looks very natural looking and in terms of price it’s budget-friendly.  SYNTEX Monofiber Collection, cannot be dyed however, the hair comes in various colors that can match any skin tone. We also manufacture various styles both long, short, curly, and straight for everyone. Heat can be applied to the hair for various styles which will hold even in the humidity without any frizz.


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