Hair Grade Remy Hair

Virgin: Hair Yes

Human Hair Type: Brazilian Hair

Weight: 200g-450g

Style :Natural Wave Technique: Half Hand Tied Wig

Length: 10-30 Inch

Density: 130%, 150%, 180%, 250%

Wigs Length: Long

Cap Size: Average Size

Suitable: Dying Colors ALL COLORS

Color of Lace: Transparent

Base Material: Swiss Lace Hair material :12A Grade Brazilian Virgin Human Hair

Lace material: Swiss Lace

Hair End: Heathy Ends Human Lace Wig

Type: 13×4 Lace Front Wigs

Hair color: Brown Color

Hair texture Natural Wave

Wig Density: 130% 150% 180% 200% 250% Density

Grade: 12A Grade

Lace color: HD Transparent Color

    Brazilian Virgin Hair

    It has hair cuticles that follow a similar pattern and flow in the same direction.

    Remake MyHairuses hair hand-selected from a single donor and always uses the highest quality standards. Processed Hair always has inconsistencies in color and texture and is hardly masked by coloring or perming. However, natural Brazilian Hair is of high quality, healthy Hair and can easily be colored. Brazilian Hair is 100% natural, unprocessed Hair that quickly responds to color and retains its luster.

    Key Features:

    • Brazilian Virgin Hair is natural and blends well with its natural body.
    • Picked from a single donor in its original state, thus, healthy.
    • The direction of the hair cuticles lay uniform, and the Hair does not tangle at all.
    • Colour – dark brown and sometimes a bit lighter.
    • It is strong hair that is naturally straight, wavy, or curly. The waviness can be changed easily into straight and or curly with proper styling.
    • Excellent for people with African ancestry, as it looks very natural yet manageable
    Indian Virgin Hair

    The Indian Virgin Hair originates from the Tirupati temples of India.

    Key Features:

    • Indian hair cuticles remain intact and go in the same direction.
    • There are two types of Indian Hair – Remy and Virgin.
    • It’s 100% Human Hair and hand-selected from a single donor.
    • We use the highest quality of standards when doing so.
    • Unlike processed Hair, inconsistencies in color and texture cannot be masked by coloring or perming.
    • It retains its luster and can be colored & dyed with ease.
    • Indian Hair has very good follicles. It is smooth and highly adaptable to color and texture processing.
    • It comes in every type of Hair Texture, i.e., Natural Straight hair extensions, wavy extensions, body waves, deep waves, loose waves, and curly extensions.
    • Indian Hair has the colors of natural color, black, natural black, and brown themes.
    Peruvian Hair

    Peruvian Hair is lightweight and soft, and very manageable wear.   Peruvian Hair has strands coarser, with a slight wave and thicker microscopically, which allow for more volume.  It appears fuller and less Hair is required when installing bundles on a full head of hair. 

    This Hair looks very natural on Black women, holds its curl in hot and humid weather conditions.   

    Chinese Virgin Hair

    It is hand-selected from a single Chinese hair donor. It has unique hair cuticles that flow in the same direction.

    Key Features:

    • Chinese Virgin Hair is top-rated and has a uniformity of hair cuticles.
    • Remake MyHairuses the highest quality of unprocessed and Virgin Hair from one donor. Chinese Hair is front-rated quality healthy hair that responds naturally to coloring.
    • Smooth to coarse in texture.
    • Responds well when colored.
    Mongolian Hair

    This Hair originates from Mongolia. It is a cross between Chinese and Mongolian Hair.

    Key Features:

    • Mongolian Hair is thinner and less coarse as compared to Chinese Hair.
    • It is soft and shiny
    • Colour – ranges between black, brown, red to the lightest blonde
    • Style – straight and wavy.
    • It has a medium-low luster
    • 100% natural and responds well to coloring
    Malaysian Virgin Hair

    It originates from Malaysia.

     We also handpick this Hair from a single hair donor.

    Key Features:

    • It comes in two distinct colors – black to near black
    • Malaysian Virgin Hair has cuticles that flow in the same direction.
    • The Hair is natural, healthy, and of high quality.
    • Colour – dark brown to near black colors.
    • The Hair is wavy with a subtle blend of loose body waves.
    • Malaysian Hair is heavy, thicker, softer, silkier, and denser as compared to Indian Hair.
    • Easy to clean, dries straight with a slight wave. When compared to Chinese Hair.
    • Malaysian Hair is thinner, softer, very shiny, coarse, and silky.

    Russian Hair

    Russian Hair looks great on everyone. 

    This Hair is the most luxurious and superior in terms of hair quality and tends to be the most expensive, especially when purchased in longer lengths.  This Hair can be priced as high as 30% more than other hair types in measurements more than 20 inches at times. 

    Russian Hair blends seamlessly with Caucasian Hair and is very fine and soft to the touch.

    However, it is tough to color blonde Hair without compromising its quality.

    Hair doesn’t mat or tangle during handling.





    How To Measure Your Hair For A Wig

    Get a flexible measuring tape and measure your head with your hair laying as flat as possible.

    Examples of how to do so:
    1) Cornrow your hair as shown by the model below
    2) Wrap and pin your hair
    3) Put a stocking cap on your head

    If your measurements aren’t on the chart, you may have to consider getting a custom-made wig to fit securely on your head.

    STEP 1:


    Follow your hairline around your head from right to left

    STEP 2:


    Measure from the front of your natural hairline down the center of the head to the nape of your neck

    STEP 3:


    Running the measuring tape along the hairline go from one ear to the next

    STEP 4:


    Measure from your right ear, across and over the top of your head to your left ear.

    STEP 5:


    Take the measuring tape and start from the right temple around the back of the head to the left temple.

    STEP 6:


    Measure the width of your hairline at the back of your neck

    Wig Cap Size Chart


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