If you’re looking for a fairly subtle but impactful change when it comes to your hair color, you might want to give money piece highlights a try. Sure, these uber-trendy, often chunkier strand-style highlights first took off amongst the TikTok set and may have you flashing back to Geri Halliwell (a.k.a. Ginger Spice) and her peak ‘90s platinum streaks in the front and fire engine red in the back ‘do. But there’s something to be said for this relatively low maintenance, now ultra-customizable color treatment that, this time around, sits somewhere between fully two-toned hair and soft, lived-in balayage highlights. “A money piece typically looks like a bold or natural pop of color around the face,” says Melissa Rose, a hair stylist at Arisa Hair salon in New York City. “It’s a face-framing technique to brighten up the hairline or spruce up existing color. Money pieces can brighten up the eyes, accentuate features, and make a look more edgy or chic and natural.”

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According to Rose, the trend first originated in the 1990s and is now back and here to stay in its more modern, wearable form, with celebs like JLo, Beyonce, and Jennifer Anniston rocking this look. A-lister endorsement aside, money piece highlights have their advantages. First, because you’re essentially highlighting the section of strands closest to your face from the roots, you don’t have to spend much time in the chair, which makes money pieces fairly budget-friendly, too. Even better, these highlights work on just about any length and shade of hair, from honey blonde to cooler, chocolate browns and deep blacks (though, depending on your base color and desired results, you’ll likely have to bleach these specific areas first to achieve your best, just-right shade). As long as the tones of your money piece highlights compliment your more natural base, Rose says you can’t really go wrong; for example, a current redhead could choose a more golden/copper tone for subtle money pieces or a brighter red for a slightly more dramatic effect.


The difference in tone should be dramatic.

In general, you’ll want to go three to four shades brighter than your current color for your money piece highlights, and you should determine just how bold you want them to be by discussing their width and exact placement with your hairstylist. “I always aim to follow my client’s natural hairline — never work against it,” says Rose. Should you happen to already have highlights, you can still get in on the trend. All your colorist has to do in this case is intensify the brightness of the pieces right around your face so they really pop.

You can wear them in any style.

Once you’re sporting your new money pieces, you can try a variety of looks to really play them up. “A half-up and half-down style, a sleek low bun, beach waves, and a mid-bun will showcase them best,” says Rose. In each of these scenarios, leaving your money pieces totally loose will draw extra attention to them, but you can always pin pieces partially back, too.

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