Megan FoxNow, statistics show that when you read the actor’s name, 99.9% of us picture her sporting exxxtra long dark hair, styled in loose beach waves and a middle part. Correct? It’s almost as if it’s her signature style.

Numbers aside, when it comes to celeb hairstyles, it can be said that the third time is a charm trend. And in Megan’s case, that saying certainly rings true. There was that time she wore fresh out the shower hair for the MTV VMAs (and absolutely slayed), as well as that “soft & sexii look” that had us all in awe. Too far? I think not. And now, she’s done it again.

Of course, if there is a major event or red carpet (or, if she just feels like it, I suppose), Mrs Gun Kelly-to-be (it’s got such a ring to it) does switch up her hair ‘do from time to time. Just recently she served up a chic ‘Tinkerbell’ updo and an XXL braided ponytail in Milan. This would be equivalent to us regular folk changing up our hair once or twice a year for our birthday or Christmas…

megan fox style

But as the old saying goes: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And Meg’s classic wavy hairstyle defo ain’t broke. For The Daily Front Row’s 6th Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards, Megan opted for her trademark hip-skimming mermaid beach waves but with a twist.

This time she’s added this season’s big hair trend, 90s baby braids, taking her go-to hairstyle to a whole new level. As well as micro braids along the front of her face, they’re weaved into her waves throughout her hair, too.

beverly hills, california april 10 l r megan fox, machine gun kelly, and tiffany haddish are seen backstage during the daily front rows sixth annual fashion los angeles awards on april 10, 2022 in beverly hills, california photo by stefanie keenangetty images for for daily front row

Bridgerton star Simone Ashley was spotted rocking this exact same hairstyle just last week and earlier on in the year, pop star Bad Gal RiRi, aka Rihanna, also repped the mini braids. So basically, what we’re saying is that this is the summer hairstyle of 2022.


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