After a year of darker hair trends, fluffy hair (specifically, fluffy blonde hair) is about to take centre stage. Because, for every Hailey Bieber embracing expensive brunette and iced coffee brown tones, there are many others looking to Cher Horowitz and Topanga Matthews for their 90s blonde inspiration. Enter fluffy hair. 

What is fluffy hair?

“Gen Zs are calling Adele’s blonde blow-dry style the ‘fluffy hair trend’ and it’ll be even bigger in 2022. The 90s layers are all about bounce and volume and are great for longer and thicker hair, providing fluffy, effortlessly glamour. It’s all about cushioned and airy volume with a soft, blended contrast. The fluffier the better. Use your product to smooth and lift, not to weigh down,” says leading hairstylist and Evo international creative director Tom Smith.

Adele wearing Lanvin
Adele’s signature ‘fluffy hair’ blow dry.

How to ask for fluffy blonde hair

“The colour you ask your hairdresser for is ‘Nectar Blonde’ which looks luxurious, golden and warm. It’s a cosy and comforting shade that looks expensive and rich. Bright and soft contrast highlights frame the face, giving depth to the style.

“The key here is to lighten the hair’s base colour to a dark golden blonde, adding warm vanilla-cream highlights through the layers and to the face frame area.

“Avoid purple shampoo with this colour. Instead, enhance warmth and richness using products with beige and golden tones, such as Evo Fabuloso Beige. This works with the natural yellow undertone of blonde hair, helping it to have the richness of nectar rather than the brassiness of yellow.

How to get fluffy hair

“Ask your hairstylist for a beige or golden-blonde base colour with chunkier, hand-painted highlights around the frame of your face,” says Smith. 

“Use Evo Fabuloso Beige as a five-minute conditioning toner when you feel your colour has begun to fade. This colour works best for those with medium to fair natural hair, as very dark bases tend to have more orange undertones to fight against.”


Written by Morgan Fargo

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