Drake doesn’t often change his hairstyle. A firm fan of a solid fade—with the occasional hairline heart and micro-‘fro thrown in for good measure—the Canadian superstar recently debuted a set of six ultra-tight cornrows on Instagram and the internet has gone wild for it. 

The reaction was in part a response to the boldness of the style. But these braids are also notable because just a few days before Drake posted the pictures, he had been pictured rocking a shorter cut—one too short to have been braided, according to some.

“How did he manage to get large size braids when he barely had a teeny weeny afro just a few days ago?” asked one user on Twitter. Another took the speculation a step further, suggesting that Drake might have in fact relied on synthetic help to achieve the ‘do, stating “weave LOL”.


No matter the origins of Drake’s new look, the truth is, it suits him. The pinpoint accuracy of the braids and the impeccable organization of his attendant baby hair make for a look that feels fresh and summer-ready (though we could live without the pout).

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March 16, 2022

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