We know, it’s still a hot, humid summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get excited about fall. As we come to terms with the changing season, we’re already stocking up on lipsticks fit for Halloween and thinking about fall trends. And when it comes to our hair, autumn offers the unique opportunity to go all out. You’re no longer dealing with the heat and humidity, and you have a few months before it gets cold. In short, it’s prime hair time to experiment and refresh your look.


If you have natural hair, now’s the time to embrace the heat and humidity-free volume and curls. To get you prepared for the fall and, of course, update you on the biggest trends ahead, we tapped hairstylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew. The celebrity hairstylist and Tangle Teezer brand ambassador gave us her predictions and some expert tips on how to achieve these looks.


The Trends

Volume With a Twist


To get the volume you need, “the twist out is the number one thing to go to,” she explains. Depending on your hair length and fullness, you’ll have to adjust the size of the twists, she says. This method is ideal for the changing season. If you have 3C to 4C hair, you should try medium to larger twists. If you have fine hair, you should opt for smaller twists. 

“When you let it out once it completely dries, I personally like to air dry, and once you let it out, you just have all this pretty wonderful volume that you just can’t resist,” Sturdivant-Drew shares. For more volume on finer hair, tease your hair at the root with Naturally Curly Detangling Brush for 3c-4c Hair ($14). When your hair has your desired fullness, you’re free to style or leave the twists in.

Curl-Friendly Color

If you’ve ever dyed or bleached curly hair, you know firsthand it can take a toll on your curl pattern. “That’s the hard part because we all love a little color like I love to be super blonde or white, but as soon as I go there, it takes the curl out of my hair,” Sturdivant-Drew says.

Takisha Sturdivant-Drew

However, there are still ways to get color without sacrificing your curls. “People are doing a really soft brown. I call it an orange-brown.” Sturdivant-Drew recommends trying out this shade with a warm tint to it. Choosing this color still leaves you with defined curls, and the hairstylist predicts the tone will be big for fall—along with pinkish-red color, which we’ve dubbed Aperol Spritz hair—so expect to see this style long after the summer.


Edgy Color Placement


Another key thing to keep your hair healthy when dyeing it: color placement. “Some people have color just right in the front, in the bang area, and then everything else would be dark because otherwise, [dye] takes away their natural curl pattern,” she adds. “You can only do certain sections, which I think is cool anyway and edgier.” Sturdivant-Drew also thinks partially shaved styles will be popular come autumn, as she’s noticing it becoming more prevalent already.


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