Bobs have always been and always will be cool, on that we can all agree. From the chic, short French bob to a longer shoulder-skimming bob (cough Zendaya can do no wrong cough), there are myriad ways to wear the versatile cut. According to celebrity hairstylist Tom Smith, there’s one particular way we’ll be wearing the bob in 2022: stacked. 

2022 Hair Trends
Kerry Washington wears a one-length stacked bob.

What is a stacked bob?

“The ‘stacked bob’ (sometimes known as a ‘table-top bob’) is a triangular silhouette that works best on textured or curly hair. Cutting a blunt horizontal line that allows the curls to stack up creates a triangular silhouette that really shows off the beauty of natural curls as they are shown in contrast with a strong silhouette and a structured shape,” says Smith.

How to ask for a stacked bob

“Ask your stylist for a one-length bob that allows your curls to stack out in a blunt horizontal line. This works best with a middle parting but can also work well flipped over for extra volume. It’s the shape and length that defines this trend.”




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