Robert Pattinson

In the run-up to to the release of The Batman, Pattinson has mostly been seen in spikier looks—but he got all the way cleaned up for the New York premiere this week. 

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 James Devaney

Colin Farrell

An all-time master of slicked-back hair. 

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 James Devaney

Evan Mock 

The signature pink takes on  Batman villain undertones nicely. 

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John Turturro

John Turturro silver fox era? John Turturro silver fox era!

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Mark Ruffalo 

Another guy making going gray look fantastic. 

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 Stephane Cardinale – Corbis

Romeo Beckham 

Justin Bieber is the undisputed master of this sort of unstudied dirtbag grooming, but this is a very strong effort. 

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 Joseph Okpako

Roman Kemp 

The defining haircut of the 2010 was probably shaved sides with a long top—and it usually looks a little out-of-date these days. But this take updates the undercut to the TikTok era, when more and more guys are brushing their hair forward with tons of volume. A profound and excellent haircut. 

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Jimmy O. Yang 

Center-part excellence! 

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Russell Wilson

You might be focused on Wilson’s better half—here at Grooming Gods, we’re locked in on that incredibly crispy fade. 

March 6, 2022

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