The diamond shaped face has a pointed chin, a conical forehead, and wider high cheekbones. Thus, the main task for owners of the diamond face shape is to expand the forehead and narrow the cheekbones visually to get closer to an oval face shape. Here are the flattering haircuts and hairstyles that will help you achieve this effect.

What Hairstyles Flatter Diamond Shaped Faces?

As mentioned, the narrow jawline and forehead are the most distinguishing features of the diamond face shape. Gather your hair and bangs into a bundle to determine what face shape you have.

If you have confirmed that you own a diamond shaped face, you may want to correct it by visually narrowing the prominent cheekbones and adding width at the chin area. At the same time, you should also avoid accentuating the pointed and often uneven hairline. Here are useful ideas that will help to play around with the best features of diamond shaped faces.

#1: Long Bob with Deep Side Parting

A long bob is all about femininity and elegance and looks great with either middle or side parting. However, if you have a diamond face shape with a narrow forehead, push hair to one side. Side-swept bangs will conceal the wider cheekbones and draw attention to the eyes.




Deep Side Part Hairstyle for Diamond Faces

Instagram / @HAIRHECKER

#2: Long Hairstyle for Diamond Shaped Face

Let your luscious long hair hang loosely over your shoulders and compliment it with trendy curtain bangs or face-framing layers. Bottleneck bangs will help you use the diamond face shape feature to your advantage, visually elongating the face.


Long Wavy Hair with Diamond Face Shape


#3: Long Pixie with a Quiff

This bleached short hair is the ultimate fashion statement and it flatters diamond face shapes perfectly, as the top of your face and eye area become a focal point. A torn haircut with oblique bangs is an ideal option for those who like running hands through their hair.


Short Haircut for Narrow Chin

Instagram / @JHONY_BAYERL

#4: Chin Length Curly Bob

For curly hair and a diamond shaped face, mid-length bob with curly bangs is a perfect solution. The haircut can be used to correct both high and low foreheads. Large curls add volume and puffiness to the temples and add sophistication to the features.


Sassy Curly Bob with Curly Bangs


#5: A Wolf Cut

Shoulder-length wolf cut works like magic for a diamond-shaped face. Make some layers hit the chin area, and the perfect style is ready.




Shaggy Haircut for Diamond Shaped Faces


#6: Cropped Pixie Cut

Pixie cut with short bangs hides the hairline and makes your eye zone look bigger. Short cropped haircuts suit both young and mature women and help bring out your best facial features!


Textured Blonde Pixie for Diamond Face Shape

Instagram / @WESDOESHAIR

#7: French Bob with Wispy Bangs

A chin-length rounded bob widens a narrow chin and creates width and necessary volume below the protruding cheekbones. Wispy blunt bangs are perfectly on point, too.


Rounded Bob with Short Bangs

Instagram / @ANDREYHAIR

#8: Trendy Bixie Cut

Trying to hide angular features should not make you refuse from short hair trends, bixie being one of them. Wispy bangs and layering at the sides is one love.


Short Bob for Round Face with Pointed Chin


#9: Long Layers

Long layers are one of the best tools hairdressers use for face framing and placing the right accents in diamond shaped faces. Add face-framing highlights and flick hair ends for a knock-down look.




Middle Length Hairstyle for Chiseled Chin


#10: Statement Side Swept Bangs

Asymmetry always attracts attention and may even look provocative. Still, it can be used to balance the gorgeous cheekbones and bring focus to the upper part of your diamond face shape.


Dramatic Shoulder Length Hairstyle for Relaxed Hair


#11: Wavy Long Hair

Long hair is rarely used to correct the face shape, styling some excellent waves and adding a perfect color will definitely do the trick. Layering is also a great thing to consider when selecting long haircuts for diamond face shapes.


Long Wavy Hair Blonde Balayage


#12: Short Bob with Middle Part

Chin length bob is one of the best hairstyles for diamond shaped faces, as strands that end near your chin will definitely make it look wider. Blow dry the front layers of your short bob as curtain bangs to get that smart bend framing the face.


Chin Length Bob for Diamond Shaped Face

Instagram / @EASTONHAIR

#13: Side-Swept Bang Messy Cut

Side-swept bangs work great for creating flattering asymmetry for your face shape. Make sure it is slightly shorter or longer than your cheekbones. If your hair is on the thin side, go for a tousled look.




Flattering Hairstyle for Narrow Chin


#14: Cascading Waves

If you have super thick hair, avoid getting too much volume near your face. The best idea is to get some layers in your long hairstyle and curl a soft body wave. This butterfly cut is a real head-turner.


Trendy Cut for Diamond Faces


#15: Long Pixie with Eye Skimming Bangs

The haircut does away with the narrow forehead of this diamond shaped face and makes bigger cheekbones look really beautiful. The hairdresser has been a real master to create such an excellent shape in thick straight hair.


Pixie with Long Bangs

Instagram / @SIS_ADA_HAIR

#16: French Bob with Long Bangs

French bob is high in trend now, and this wedge cut is among the best hairstyles for diamond face shapes. If your hair is thick, opt for feathered ends to make side-swept bangs more lightweight.


French Bob with Side Swept Bangs


#17: Soft Fringe for Diamond Faces

Hair length below the shoulders is ok for a diamond face shape, but take care to style a soft fringe or long layers towards the front to balance out the forehead and the chin. This hairstyle will also be great for a heart shaped face.




Middle Length Hair with Wispy Curtain Bangs


#18: Long Layers and Bangs

Play around with your diamond shape face with soft curls and blunt bangs that get your eyes into the spotlight. These caramel highlights are the ones to die for too!


Long Hairstyle with Bangs for Diamond Face Shape

Instagram / @JHONYVEIGA

#19: Pixie Bob with Long Bangs

If you have a diamond face shape, you don’t always have to shy away from your amazing cheekbones. Short hairstyles for diamond shaped faces give them due attention, but also take the focus away from a pointed chin. If you want to expose some forehead, part hair slightly to one side, not directly under your chin.


Bob to Pixie Cut Before and After


#20: Messy Hairstyle for Diamond Faces

Messy shoulder-length hair perfectly enhances the chin area. The look is feminine and stylish, especially if you add some styling mouse of salt spray for a rougher texture.


Tousled Bob for a Diamond Shaped Face

Instagram / @YUKISTYLIST

#21: Twist Out Curls

Uniform and dynamic, twist-out curls may give you just the right volume at the top. Make a deep side part and let the curly side bangs do some face contouring.




Hairstyle for Black Women with Diamond Shaped Faces


#22: Short Blunt Bob

Slightly angled, blunt bob cuts make excellent hairstyles for diamond shaped faces. Complement it with thin bangs to hide the uneven hairline and balance out a chiseled chin. This cut is perfectly styled with a flat iron: strands are curled in different directions, and the ends are strengthened.


Short Haircut for Girl with Angular Features


#23: Wavy Locks Balayage

If you have a diamond face shape and want to style a middle parting, make it less regular to avoid accentuating the angular features of this face shape. Get some sassy waves and elaborate balayage to add visual interest to your cut.


Middle Part Hairstyle for Diamond Shaped Faces

Instagram / @NIKCABRAL

#24: Curly Shag

Curly shag haircuts flatter diamond shaped faces like no other, since layers in the front reduce the volume around the cheekbones, while the bang help to correct the forehead shape. Whether you have natural curls or opt for modern perms, it is sure to be a great idea for your diamond face shape.


Shag Cut for Curly Hair and Diamond Face Shape


#25: Tousled Wavy Hair with Bangs

Blunt or arched bangs are both good options for covering a narrow hairline of a diamond shape or a broad forehead of the heart shaped face. However, the blunt line may underline a sharp bone structure, so you’d better keep the rest of your hair tousled rather than pin-straight.


Blunt Bangs on Diamond Face Shape


We hope these hairstyles for diamond faces have become a good inspiration for you! If you still need to see some examples, pay attention to celebrities with diamond shaped faces who have narrow foreheads and chins that are about the same width. You can safely follow the lead because stylists spend much time and effort creating flattering styles for these fashion icons.

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Updated on March 24, 2022

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